Reasons to visit Bangladesh


Below are the reasons to visit Bangladesh

Longest Beach  

Bangladesh state is proud of having the longest natural beach across the globe which is known as Cox’s Bazar. This beach is situated in Chittagong district and it is a two-hour journey from Sundarbans. There are many hotels that offer accommodation and also places that are designed for shopping. Across the beach region, there is a town market that is equipped fully with all sorts of unique handcrafts and also a number of stores.

Close to the beach is the Buddhist village known as Ramu and it comprises of monasteries, pagodas, and khyangs which are of exceptional religious importance.


Bashundhara city being one of Asia’s largest malls is hosted in Dhaka. It is situated on Pantha Path and offers all goods and services ranging from foods to marriage garments. Bashundhara city a bit expensive compared to street markets but it is very clean and also tourist friendly.

To develop the taste of local life you can visit the Gausia new market at Dhaka college. Most tourists tend to neglect this place. You can start haggling after you have decided on what to pay and also be ready to take a walk. If you are in a position to offer a good price that suits the seller, then he or she will accept. This is an ideal place meant for souvenirs and gifts.

Mangrove forest 

Bangladesh has the largest mangrove forest in the world, it covers a broad part southwest of Bangladesh. Most of the freshwater rivers that originate from this forest usually merge with salt water from the Bengal Bay, thereby enhancing flourishment of a diverse ecosystem. Its a place that has all sorts of beauty which are often covered in mist, wild, swampy and also largely uninhabited. In this forest, you may encounter wild animals like monkeys, deers, and many others. Bengal tigers are usually difficult to spot, as these animals mostly live in the Sundarbans.


Sylhet is a major producer of milky sweet tea which is usually served to visitors in Bangladeshi households especially from the northeastern part of the city. This region has a large number of tea plantations in the parts bordering India. Tea plantations in Bangladesh provide a relaxing atmosphere where visitors can enjoy. This strong tea enables provides a conducive environment for hiking along the hillsides.

When exploring the Dhaka streets, you shouldn’t be surprised if you come across school children who have the desire to practice foreign languages. They may even ask you for more information concerning your home country and also the types of food you eat. The children at the end will narrate to their elders about what you like about their country.

Bangladesh one of the best travel destinations to all kind of people who wish to have travel experience. Your smile appreciation may not be felt mostly when bargaining in the market place, but only after reflecting all you saw in this beautiful country.

The above are some of the interesting reasons as to why you should visit Bangladesh in your lifetime.