16th December Victory Day, also known as Bijoy Dibosh, in Bangladesh

16th December Victory Day of Bangladesh
16th December Victory Day of Bangladesh

Victory Day, also known as Bijoy Dibosh, is a national holiday in Bangladesh that commemorates the country’s victory over Pakistan in the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. The war, which lasted for nine months, resulted in the independence of Bangladesh and the establishment of a new country.

The war began on March 26, 1971, when the Pakistani government, led by General Yahya Khan, launched a military crackdown on the Bengali people in East Pakistan (present-day Bangladesh). The crackdown, known as Operation Searchlight, was aimed at suppressing the Bengali nationalist movement and maintaining Pakistani control over the region.

As the violence and repression continued, the Bengali people began to resist and organize themselves into a resistance movement. The resistance movement was led by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the leader of the Awami League, a political party that had won a majority in the 1970 elections.

The resistance movement gained support from both inside and outside Bangladesh, and by December 1971, the Bengali forces, aided by the Indian military, had succeeded in defeating the Pakistani army. On December 16, 1971, Pakistan surrendered and the war came to an end.

Victory Day is a day of great pride and celebration for the people of Bangladesh. On this day, the country pays tribute to the millions of Bengali freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the cause of independence. The day is marked with parades, speeches, and other ceremonies, and the national flag is flown at half-mast to honor the fallen.

In addition to being a day of national pride, Victory Day is also an important day for Bangladesh’s relations with its neighbors. The war had a significant impact on the region, and the victory helped to establish Bangladesh as a sovereign nation in the eyes of the world.

Today, Bangladesh is a thriving democracy with a rapidly growing economy. As the country celebrates Victory Day, it is a time to reflect on the sacrifices made by the Bengali people and to look towards a bright future for the country.