If somebody would like to visit Bangladesh, what are the aspects this country would offer the visitor?

Bangladesh is an exciting country with many unusual, interesting, and beautiful things to see. So here are some reasons to visit Bangladesh?

#Tiger tracking in the amazing Sundarban Forest, the world’s largest mangrove forest and World Heritage Site.

#Boat tours in the world’s largest river delta.

#Five color tea served at a working tea plantation.

#54 different tribal cultures  – many located in the largely unexplored Chittagong Hill Tracts.

#The unparalleled friendliness and hospitality of the Bangladeshi people.

#World’s Most Delicious Sweetmeats: I bet if you visit Bangladesh, you would never forget its amazing assorted desserts. This small tiny country has a huge population where most of the people are sweet-tooth, subsequently, the land is famous for preparing various types of mouth-watering sweetmeats. You’ll find at least one sweetmeat shop at every lane or street of the country.
#Festivals: Bangladesh is a land of festivals, literally. Here people know to celebrate life at every occasion even if they are going through pain and poverty. You will come here and find yourself indulged in colour and festivity throughout the year during the Religious Festivals, Pohela Boishakh (First day of the Bengali New Year), Nabanna (harvest and new-rice celebration), Pohela Falgun (First day of Spring), Boimela (Month long book fair during February), Shahid Dibosh (21st February), Bijoy Dibosh (16 December), Shadhinota Dibosh (26 March), Valentines Day and whatnots!
#World’s Longest Unbroken Sea-beach: The longest unbroken sea beach in the world, running 125 km, is in Cox’s Bazar of Bangladesh.