President say when our mind up, a powerful and wealthy personality picture will appear generous and easy to hear the name of José Mujica accustomed to living in a statesman picture.

The name of the current president of the José Mujica of Uruguay. The president called the world’s poor. Youth who was a guerrilla and a true warrior.

The glamorous life of comfort that politicians do not come close. However, middle-income countries in the world, known as the Uruguayan head of state as well as his monthly salary of about 1 thousand dollars.

But the salaries of 90 percent, he donated 775 dollars just to keep the state treasury, and the rest for yourself (or less).
Because of this generosity has brought him recognition as the world’s poorest president.

His wife’s name is Lucia. Childless couple is the most valuable asset of $ 900 thousand in 1987, bought a car.

You’ll be surprised to hear that the most powerful person in the administration of Uruguay live farm house to anyone looking to bhuterabari be astonished. The luxurious palace of President, he has chosen one of them instead of having a normal life.

Periyei slimy way yet to reach him at his farm. This semi-abandoned farm home ownership is not her his wife. Farm wife was still in regular farming. Farms are cultivated flowers of all kinds.

The water supply system in an old dilapidated house Quay. Only two of the world’s poorest are deployed for the security of the president of the police and a adurera myanuyela dog. This is a lame kukuratirao his longtime trusted.

The name of one of the left-wing guerrilla leader Mujica has no debt, not even a bank account.

Mujica himself realized, ‘I say, everyone’s poorest president. I think, the whole life of the poor who have to raise money to buy his goods is working like a slave. “

He introduced himself as a farmer. He was nominated as President of the People 009. Mujica was jailed for 14 years and the life of her 78-year-old shot six times ate.