Police rescued Chikungunia-stricken couple from city apartment

Chikungunia-stricken couple
Chikungunia-stricken couple

Police on Tuesday rescued an elderly Chikungunia-stricken couple as they were exposed to near paralytic state breaking into their apartment in the city where they live alone.

Police said neighbours called police as senior journalist and former BSS news consultant Mrinal Kanti Roy, 75, and his wife Kalyani Roy, 67, did not respond to door knocks and phone calls since morning, BSS reports.

“Their part-time domestic aide reported that she saw the couple was stricken by fever yesterday evening and did not respond to calling bells as she came to the house this morning,” president of Property Estate Housing Society at Shantinagar Zobaidur Rahman Milon told BSS.

He said since Roy or his wife did not receive repeated phone calls by neighbours and colleagues “we sensed something might have gone wrong and called the police and his journalist colleagues”.

“Mr Roy was found in the bathroom in a nearly unconscious state while his wife was lying having no strength to move or speak aloud,” a police officer familiar with the situation at the scene said.

He said officer in charge of Paltan police station and senior detective police officers were present along with newsmen as the policemen broke into the apartment.

The couple, whose two sons live abroad, was immediately brought to a nearby hospital where the doctors identified them to be inflicted with Chikungunya and gave them initial treatment.