Life in Germany
Life in Germany

Germany is a great place to call a second home. If you German Bangla finds out some simple reason that makes life in Germany so wonderful.

Cost of living is cheaper than other : 

If you compare Germany with other countries within the Western world, then you will find  Germany is really cheap to live in. A study in 2015  by consulting firm Mercer ranked the capital Berlin as the 106th most expensive city out of 200 rated worldwide. London meanwhile was number (12), Zurich (3), Geneva (5) and Bern (9) – made it into the top ten.

Fast & Luxury train system:

If you want best quality service or product then you have to consider it will be not cheapest one. The German train system is fast and luxurious but not the cheapest.

Getting from Hamburg in the north to Munich in the south only takes six hours. And even if you are travelling in second class on a high-speed ICE train, you will have the chance to rest your weary legs in a comfy, quiet compartment that would belong to the first class in most other countries.

Easy to find a job:

It’s not only in our perspective but also many expats think that finding a job is easier than any other county in Europe. Unemployment is at its lowest since reunification in 1990, and graduates have a particularly good time of it – only 10 percent of graduates work in a field unrelated to what they studied.

Wonderful family benefits:

Germany has a very generous system of social care for new parents. New mothers and fathers can split paid leave between them over a period of 14 months. And on top of that, the state will pay you money for looking after your children, up until the point they turn 18.

Lots of public holidays: 

In Germany, public holidays do not count towards your annual legal leave. And some regions are extremely generous with public holidays.

The wealthy southern state of Bavaria has 13 public holidays every year. So on top of the 30 days leave many companies to provide as standard, you can expect another two weeks free to go and explore Germany and the surrounding countries.